2017 Open Enrollment Information

City of Detroit Police and Fire Retiree HealthCare Trust

2017 Open Enrollment Notification

Questions may be answered by calling 800-645-9978.

This year’s open enrollment for the Police and Fire Retiree Health Care Trust will be a passive enrollment. If you are currently enrolled and receiving a benefit from the VEBA, you need to do nothing if you wish to continue the same benefit, unless your benefit is subject to income limitations which are identified as:

  • Below FPL in non-Medicaid expansion state
  • Non-Medicare eligible with below $75,000 household income and on the public exchange
  • If you are new and not currently receiving any benefit
In the cases above, you will be required to submit the necessary documents as identified on this website.

If you need or want to make benefit or dependent changes for 2017, you must complete the Open Enrollment Form, available for download. 

The form must be postmarked no later than October 31 and returned to:

By Mail:
ABS at 8220 Irving Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48312 

By Fax:

Eligible spouses will receive their own separate enrollment packet. If your spouse did not receive an open enrollment packet, please contact us and let us know.

Questions may be answered by calling 800-645-9978.